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Growing up in an artist family in Germany, I learned at an early stage the magic and impact color can have on a blank canvas or bare wall. I honed my talents in bringing small apartment spaces to life with simple, inexpensive upgrades by repurposing items and changing interior colors.

Following my studies in natural science at Cologne University, I embarked on a career as a lab technician in the R&D department of a large multi-national Health Science company. This work was the perfect complement to my creative upbringing. It placed a premium on precision and working in a structured, pristine manner. Maybe that’s why to this day I paint interiors without a drop cloth!

Moving to the USA to start a family, I was always involved in side projects: painting, redesigning and organizing small businesses and residential homes. 

I learned that changing a space doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of $. Often the most impactful upgrade to a room was simply making the right color choice for the space.

 And that is how ColorKonzepts came to life.

Color dictates emotion and feeling. It is often the easiest, yet overlooked element in updating an interior space. The right color accentuates the architectural features of the home. It can make a room appear larger and solve problem zones.

I’m proud to be part of The Decorologist community for STAGING and COLOR as well as RESA and my Organizing and Productivity community at NAPO.

I understand the anxiety associated with trying to reimagine a new space. Will it  cost a lot of money? Will I make the right color choices?

My goal is create amazing spaces and come up with solutions. 

How do I do this? First, I listen to you and when I have a good understanding of your wishes, I move to the next step. I will provide you with expert guidance and advice that is tailored to your goals or, so that the end product is something you can look on with pride.

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